Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CROCKtober: Breakfast Casserole

I haven't been keeping up with the cooking blog like I should. I've been terribly unfair. I've been crafting away and neglecting the kitchen. I got a Vitamix and I just don't stay in there like I should. Sissy would be proud, though. I've been eating my veggies. ;)

It's hard to balance everything, though. This month, I'm dedicating the blog to good warm meals for the family that are easy to prep and not at all time consuming. We can have our supper and eat it too, or something like that. Anyway, the first thing on the menu is this breakfast casserole.

I stumbled on this one on Pinterest. Most folks were pinning this to "Christmas" Boards, but I'm pretty sure it's important to eat breakfast every day. We're a family of three, so this hearty meal made enough to have leftovers to eat for several days this week. Warm up a bit and serve with fruit. Much better than a pop tart. I didn't understand the dry mustard bit, (and honestly, I subbed some squeezy French's) but I think it allowed me to cut back on the salt. I was doing an inner monologue of Carl from the movie Slingblade about French Fried pertaters and musturd sauce, though. Anyway, here's a link to the recipe I used, and if you aren't pinning yet, do try it. And follow me. I have TONS of recipes pinned on there.

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